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 Tenex Global Surplus 

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Tenex Global Surplus is located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We are a small family owned business bringing you great products all around the globe. Our slogan is, "Making Connections WorldWide", so as you will see we list and sell our products on our Ebay store that we acquire from liquidations. We buy tractor trailers that are full of items that have been returned to different companies and or businesses, or products that have scratches and dents, and in return sell them to you, the consumer, at discounted prices. Not only does this help the company that we buy these surplus items from, it also brings great products to you, the consumer, at a cheaper price, but it also aides in helping to ensure less waste affecting the environment. 

Tenex Global believes that the customer always comes first. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs are met and that they are happy with the final product. How can you see all the liquidation & surplus items? We have an Ebay store where everything is listed. We are a top rated seller and have sold over 19 thousand items! If you are local to us, you can buy your item through Ebay and pick it up at the warehouse! 

 We have something for everyone from phone cases, clothes, tankless water heaters, power washers and more! And check back frequently to see new items as well as subscribe to our emails to get first notifications on the new products!

Tractor and trailer delivering surplus liquidation items to Tenex Global's warehouse.

Our vision statement, "To connect with people worldwide to establish lifetime partnerships," can be seen with the services that we offer. As stated above, we have an Ebay store where all of our inventory is listed for you to browse and purchase. The inventory is obtained by one of our services, Surplus Liquidation. With over 15 years of experience, our team is capable of handling any challenges presented.  We work with surplus inventory and asset holders to maximize recovery.  We offer complete buyouts to include equipment, overstock items, general inventory and administration items.  There is no cost to the potential client to come and evaluate your contents.  We will make you a fixed cash offer on the entire contents or inventory. 

You may be wondering how "around the globe" plays into all of this! Well, we also offer Product Sourcing-Supply Chain Management and Freight & Logistics. 

Smiling Person Standing In Front Of Container Yard

More Than Liquidation & Surplus

Tenex Global is more than liquidation, surplus, supply chain management, and logistics! We also have Tex Panels, Mini-Splits, and Mini-Split Installation. Check out our Mini-Split Installation website here:


Interlocking PVC panels for interior walls and ceilings

A Commercial Cooler with Tex Panels

Tex Panels are the new drywall! They are light weight, easy to install, and will last for a lifetime! The possibilities are endless! They can be used in laundry rooms, basements, commercial coolers, for agriculture purposes, and much much more! Find out more information HERE or at

A Mini-Split Air Conditioning & Heating Unit

Aufit Mini Split Units are heating and air conditioning. They have a sleek feature and are very quiet! You won't know that it is on!  Find more information HERE

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