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About Us

Daniel Lapp, the Founder and President, shares the why and how of Tenex Global LLC.
A picture of the owner & president of Tenex Global LLC
Daniel Lapp- Founder & President

I've always had a passion for business and solving problems. As a young kid that grew up on a dairy farm, I was always looking for the next opportunity from mowing lawns, shoveling snow, selling crafts, etc. 

When I was 16 I started my first official business training/boarding horses. After 10 years in the horse industry, I was looking for additional income opportunities and that was when Tenex Global was born. Tenex Global started with one product that solved a problem in the horse/pet industry. Me having no idea how the world of online selling works, I spent over a year creating connections with overseas manufacturers during the product development stages. During that same time period, I was also learning the process of selling on Ebay & Amazon. After that process of trial and error and the numerous connections created, I decided to go all in and help others with the same process. ( Supply Chain Management)

I'm always looking for new opportunities and while doing this, I made a few connections with distribution facilities and noticed that there is an enormous amount of inventory that is deemed "unsellable" to larger retailers because of minor flaws, box damage, etc.  With this knowledge, we decided to expand our product lines and offer this merchandise direct to consumers. It was a "win-win" because we could now help move some of this merchandise alleviating the burden that these goods were to distribution facilities, etc. and minimize the waste and also offer these products to consumers for a discounted price.


Our goal is to keep creating these connections & partnerships to add value, not only to the businesses we acquire from, but mostly to the customer by giving everyone an opportunity to minimize waste and help their budget.

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